Raising The Level Of Positivity ~ Day 3

Sweet Remembrance of Our Beloved Poppy

Today and everyday I live in gratitude to God for the best Poppy that has ever walked on this planet. This rose bush was given to my Granny in memory of my Poppy after he’d passed away. She gave it to me and my hubby planted it. It has thrived from the beginning and is still thriving after 11 years of being uprooted and transplanted to our current home.


This rose bush is well over 10 feet tall and produces hundreds of blooms every year. It will bloom all spring and summer. It is planted just outside my bedroom window and I can smell its light but sweet fragrance each morning. Just like my beloved Poppy it bears good fruit and has the sweetest aroma!


My Poppy was married to my Granny for over 50 years. They were dedicated to God and one another. Their faith in Jesus Christ and the Word was a light that shined all of their paths on this earth. They had one child, but took care of two more. They lived faithfully and were dependent on Gods provision for all of their lives.

They were a great foundation for my faith in God and Jesus Christ. You see they took my brother, sister, and I with our Mom in under their tiny roof and provided for our daily care and needs. I never heard them complain or openly worry as to how we would all survive and thrive in such a small space. My Great Granny came to live us after her health began to deteriorate. We were packed like sardines, but Poppy and Granny lived faithfully and believed for God’s provision.

Prayers that span many generations ~ I am so thankful!
One of my Poppy’s gifts was prayer. Poppy was such an eloquent speaker and prayer warrior. I remember listening to Him pray at night. His praises to God were seemingly endless. He clearly lived a life in gratitude to God for all of his blessings. I know that my Poppy’s prayers were heard and God has been so faithful to our family.

Peace is a beautiful gift from God ~ I am thankful for His perfect peace!

I am sure that my Poppy had moments of fatigue and frustration. What grand parent living with his three grand children, daughter, mother in law, and wife wouldn’t? From my perspective, Poppies prayer life and his dedication to serving the Lord was reciprocated by our Lord with a gift of His peace. Poppy was peaceful most of the time and always had a smile and a kind word for anyone.

Today I have danced (Zumba) for an hour and burned almost 700 calories doing it! Tonight, my hubby and I walked for an hour (2.68 miles) at our local park. I think I am good on exercise for today! Lol

RAK ~ I spent the afternoon with a dear friend and cooked her a big lunch that was super healthy yet tasty. She made 6 cards and I made one! Lol, she is super fast and I am oh so slow! It was a great day and I enjoyed our fellowship today! Here are two of her cards!

So how is your day been? What are you greatful for? Can you name 3 things? I hope so.

Donna Lee



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