Raising The Level Of Positivity ~ Day 5

Good Friday is #1 on my Gratitude list today! Everything I believe in and hope for is wrapped up in Good Friday. Nothing is free and Jesus took my sin and yours upon himself and allowed himself to be crucified so that we could share in grace and have eternal life. Without death, rebirth and resurrection is not possible. As many of my friends put on Facebook today, Sunday is coming! We live for Resurrection Sunday but we must go through Good Friday to get there. Thank you Jesus! I will never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross.


#2 The sweet calls and chatter of the birds each day and evening is something I enjoy listening to. Even when I can’t see them, I can always hear them taking and calling to one another. Few sounds are more peaceful and relaxing to me.

This was a card that we made at stamp club a few months ago. I love this bird stamp and the doily die cut.

#3 The gift of photography! I went through some older photos today and enjoyed the memories that they brought back to my mind. Technology is a wonderful gift!

My exercise today was an hour and 24 minutes of fast walking at the MOG. It was misting rain when we left the house. I did not want to chance it in the park as the temperatures were back in the 50’s today here.

My RAK was to buy my hubby a new pair of work pants that fit!

Now it’s your turn! Blessings,

Donna Lee



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