Raising The Level Of Positivity ~ Day 6

It is Easter eve. The second day. I can’t imagine what the disciples were gong through. They had lost their best friend in the most hanoeus death sentence. My guess is that they were questioning everything they did and did not do or say. They were reliving those final days with Jesus. What had he said to them?


Jesus had told them that he would rise on the third day and indeed He is risen!

This morning I was not feeling very well at all. My back, neck, and shoulder were hurting and my left foot is having spasms right in the arch! To say the least I was in a funk. As I was driving back home from taking my hubby to work, I passed my favorite park and it was covered up in fog! I slowed down and took my time driving through the fog. As I passed the horse corral area I heard in my spirit, the fog will rise. I looked to my right just up from the corral and indeed the fog was lifting just as I had heard in my spirit.

This got me thinking about some things that I have been mully grubbin around about for months. My unbelief has gotten in my way and it’s time to get moving forward. I have questioned myself to death on this issue and let doubt and fear take precedence over what my spirit knows to be true. I have been acting a lot like the disciples of Jesus. Having heard Him speak clearly to me and then question him again and again, without acting on it, analyzing how it can’t work, and just letting fear and doubt in myself take over…

The disciples had been prepared for Jesus’ death and told to expect him to be raised from the dead on the 3rd day by Jesus himself. Even so, they did not believe the first reports from the ladies that He was not in the tomb. They were 2nd guessing everything all because things did not happen the way they thought they would. I can totally relate to them. Because I can’t visualize and wrap my mind around how things will work out, I have been doubting what I heard Him say and asking for confirmation after confirmation.

Instead of rejoicing at reports that Jesus was not in the tomb, they were not believing it. All because they didn’t see it for themselves. What are you holding back on because of your unbelief?

#1 – He will return one day for his church! God always does what he said he is going to do!

#2 – Maggie!

She is the mother to my sweet puppy, Bandit who brings me so much joy.

#3 – Freedom! What a great gift we have been given. A high price has been paid for us to have it and keep it.

Exercise today did NOT happen. I gave my body a day to rest and will jump back on the band wagon in the morning!

Blessings and peace!
Donna Lee


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