Raising The Level Of Positivity ~ Day 7


#1 – He is risen! The grave could not hold Him! Death has lost its sting! My Savior Lives! What an awesome day we celebrate today and everyday. We have nothing to fear in death because Jesus has resurrection power and so do we. We have everything to live for in Christ.

#2 – Abundant Life! While we live life on this planet it can be the abundant life that Christ came to give to us. We get to choose this life or to do it our own way. I am so thankful for the choice and reality of that abundant life. I am not rich by worldly measures, but I am beyond wealthy in God’s blessings of healthy children, healthy and gorgeous grand children, wonderful and loving siblings, friends that I consider my family, both of my parents and step mom are all still on this earth with me, and I was blessed with most loving and humble grand parents that have ever lived. I have a husband that loves my Lord and me! All of my children are close to me and that is pure joy to me. I have many nieces and a nephews whom I treasure. How much more could I desire? Just some more grand babies is all I can think of, but no rush Boys! Seriously no rush…

#3 – the freedom to choose! I choose to give thanks, be thankful, say thank you and be happy with where I am, what I am, and how I am. All while I am moving forward to be better where improvement is still needed.

Exercise was jogging for 75 minutes! Made up for yesterday.


Happy Easter to all! Sleep tight and make Easter Monday your best one ever!!


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