Raising The Level of Positivity – Day 8

It’s Easter Monday and for some reason there is a lot of laundry to do around here. I have both of my grand children here so one load may get in the washer. There is always tomorrow for the rest of them.

#1~ Thankful for my washer and dryer! So glad I do not have to take all these dirty clothes to a laundry mat. I remember going with my mom when we were kids on Saturday’s. Ugh!

#2 ~ Time, although it seems to be flying past me at a rapid speed I am thankful for each hour I have to be with the people I love. Even when it’s doing mundane task, I am grateful to be here with them.

#3 ~ We have three dogs and I am so thankful that we have a fenced in backyard! This time of year it’s really nice to just open the back door and let them go in and out at their leisure.


I adore this card! We made it at Stamp Club a while back. I did not but the die cut for this intricate piece, but hopefully it will still be available in the next catalog.


Donna Lee


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