Raising The Level Of Positivity ~ Day 13


#1 Cost Of Discipleship Luke 14:25-35
When we accept the position of being Jesus’ disciple we should consider the cost. Verse 26 says ‘If anyone comes to Me and doesn’t hate his own father, mother, and wife and children, and brothers and sisters, yes even his own life, he cannot be My disciple.
Nothing or anyone is to be more loved or to have more priority in our lives than Jesus Christ if we are His disciples. The word hate in this scripture is used as a comparison of our love for Christ verses the love we have for our family and ourselves.
Those who know Him and study his Word know that when we place Jesus, our High Priest as our 1st love, we are able to love our family, friends, and ourselves that much more because we live in and out of the glory of His great love for us.
We are able to love in truth and with grace because we’ve experienced the love of Jesus first! Jesus doesn’t call us to hate anyone. All scripture points to loving God first and then loving others as we love ourselves. We cannot fully love one another until we’ve experienced His love for us.
We must count the cost of our discipleship and align our priorities to place Jesus as our 1st love. As we do this, He is able to use us for His kingdom and we are shown how to fully love one another and ourselves in a Christ like manner.

#2 Community I spent this past weekend with some amazing people. I was blessed with every speakers message, with every song we sang, and every visit to the chapel for meditation and Holy Communion. Worshiping Jesus & sharing in the faith journeys of fellow Christians, and hearing God’s Word shared everyday was made all the more special because it was done with my faith community. Some of these people I have known for a long time, others I just met this weekend but after one day in His presence we were all connected by the Holy Spirit and our common love for Jesus Christ. We shared meals together and had lots of laughs in our short time together. I am grateful for community!

#3 Memorials ~ A physical memory or monument that is created to mark a spot or remembrance of something or someone. Naturally I am thankful for those small items I have from my past and my family that remind me of sweet people or special occasions. I am a scrapbooker so I have a habit of storing my memories as much as possible.

I am reminded of the story of Israel in Joshua 3 & 4 and the 12 stone memorial at Gilgal. I encourage you to take stock in your spiritual memorials and write them down and share them with your family and friends when the Holy Spirit gives you an opportunity.

RAK: Sent cards of encouragement to friends and family.


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