Simple Gypsy Shape Card

What better card for a little girl who is having a Tea Party birthday than a Mrs. Pots shaped card!

A friend needed a birthday card for her niece who is having a tea party themed birthday, so I pulled out the Disney Princess Dreams Come True Cricut cartridge to find Mrs. Pots! I love Beauty and The Beast and Mrs. Pots is one of my favorite characters.


I used my Gypsy to design the card. The card is 5 inches high so all pieces are cut at 5 inches. The base of my card is cut using the shadow key. I used the hide contour feature to hide Chip from all the cuts and the flip and weld feature to to make the card base. As you can see below we cut two cards at one time. One for my friend and one for me!


I cut two shadow layers to cover up the front of each card. Remember to hide chip unless you want to add him as a pop up on the base of your card.


Next I cut the base layer in black and her flesh in white.


The hair layer is cut in yellow. I took my time and hid all of the layers that went to Chip on each cut, but they are so small it isn’t really necessary to take the extra time to do this.
The outfit layers are cut in lavender and a soft pink. The white layer is cut out of white and the Extra layer was. It in a soft blue. Basically I followed the colors in the handbook as I want her to look authentic.


This is my first cut from this cartridge so I took my time to make sure everything lined up on my layers. I am happy with how they turned out. The next ones will be a lot faster to design and cut!

I used Coordinations card stock for most of the card. My blade is set at 5 and my pressure is on medium and speed is fast.

Have a blessed day!
Donna Lee


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