Stacked Tea Cup Card ~ Winter Frolic Cartridge


The cooler temperatures mean more hot tea for me and nothing is more appropriate for a general note card or thinking of you card than some stacked tea cups. I do not own a cartridge that has this image so I utilized my Gypsy and choose a cup from the Winter Frolic cartridge.


After choosing my die cut and deciding on 2.75 inches for the size of the base of my cups, found the coordinating layer for this cut to start adding cups. These are sized at 2.75 inches.


Each cup was tilted using the tool on the Advance tab on the Gypsy. As I built the stack of the teacups I used the hide contour feature to hide the front layer of the teacup with the snow flake cut out. I used the weld feature for each layer as I worked on adding each additional cup.


I laid out my mat so that I could cut everything at one time.


Using the weld, tilting and hide contour features adds another level of creativity and endless design opportunities for cards and your scrapbook layouts.


These papers came from a stack from Hobby Lobby. My friend, Olivia and I split the stack and she has the cover so I can’t tell you the name of it. It has a lot of texture and varied designs on each sheet and I really like that for my cards.





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