Play The Faith Card


Play The Faith Card

Life gets so busy, so full of must do, honey do, and the demands of the job that we forget The Great I Am that no one/nothing can stand against!

When life feels like its spinning out of control, play the faith card. Stop striving, doing, worrying and remember who The Great I Am is and what that means for your life, for your family, for your employer, employees, etc.

Break out the Word and read His promises for your life. Remind your mind, your heart, and your soul of Whose you are! Take courage inThe Great I Am! Memorize His Word so that you have it in your mind to remember and to offer to others as the HolySpirit prompts you!

We get weary in the valleys of life. We need time of renewal and revival in our heart, mind, and soul! The only way to get that is to spend time with The Great I Am.

Remembering who God is and the gift we have in Jesus Christ is spiritual food. We need spiritual nourishment more than we need food for our physical bodies. Life is in our soul, because its our soul that will live eternally. Praise God for all that you are, all your blessings (life, family, job, friends, freedom, country, grace of Jesus Christ). Praise of our Heavenly Father gives us an opportunity to release our thankfulness (gratitude) to the Giver of all life and creation as we know and will know it in Heaven. God inhabits the people who praise Him. He will come and be with you as you give Him praise! The presence of God is overwhelming and restorative so do this often!

Pray! Prayer is a heartfelt conversation with our Lord. It’s not fancy words spoken well. It’s you telling your Abba (Daddy) what is in your heart and on your mind. It’s you giving to Him what is burdensome and holding you down. It’s you expressing your fears, hopes, dreams to the One who has the power to relieve you of your burdens, and point you/nudge you in the right direction so you can live your God given dreams. Our Abba does not impose (force) himself on us. He is always with us, but waits for us to seek Him.
If you do not have the words to pray, go to Psalms and read/pray the Psalms written so long ago that apply to every day of our life today and for all generations.
Reaching out to him in prayer with a posture (in our heart) of gratitude, love, and with faith the size of a mustard seed we are able to let all things go and trust that He will work everything for our good as live by faith in Him.

Lastly, but very important go and LIVE by faith in God who loves you, provides for you, knows you, has a plan for you, and will guide you all the days of your life. Do not allow the enemy and the world to dishearten you with negative thoughts, circumstances, disease, and war. Know that our Abba is with us and for us and will forever be so! Nothing can separate us from Him, so who or what shall we fear? Let your faith in God be your reason for getting up and living a full life everyday knowing He is with you always and will work all things for the good of those who walk and trust in Him.

Be encouraged that God is for you and with you all the days of your life and nothing is impossible with Him. Play the faith card all day long! Live in the NOW knowing and trusting He is with you and for you! Live according to His Word and seek Him when you fail to do so. We all struggle and fail, but it’s our relationship with our Father that keeps us close to Him and on the narrow path that leads to eternal life. It’s our faith in Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit that helps us, encourages us, and empowers us to move forward and live the abundant life.



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