Dressing Up Your Gifts, Packaging, and Scrapbook Layouts With Art Philosophy and Artiste Cricut Bundles

Hello Crafty Friends!

Most of us are shopping or creating gifts for our loved ones this time of year and I wanted to share a quick video from Close To My Heart that gives some great tips on how you can create some adorable treat boxes, some really fabulous gift tag embellishments, card front embellishments, and ways to dress up your scrapbook layouts using the Art Philosophy and Artiste Cricut Collections.

You can click HERE to watch the video.

Now find your favorite Christmas or Holiday paper stack or your scraps and start cutting! You can make these adorable gift embellishments or card and layout embellishments in just a few minutes!

You will spend the majority of your time choosing your papers, so my suggestion is go to your favorite stacks or scraps (I keep mine organized by stack/or pack) and pull them out and start cutting.

Once you have all your cuts, get your adhesive and embellishments out and in a small snack size zip lock bag.

While you are watching tv or listening to the radio or TED (I love TED!) you can start folding strips for your yo yo’s so that when you assemble these embellishments it will go quicker.

Go ahead and make the bows now as well. Bring your brads to your comfy chair with your cuts, ink pad and sponges for inking and you can have a lot of these ready to go in just thirty minutes of your entertainment time. These are easy embellishments to make! You can never have too many bows!

This is a great way to use up those last scraps of your favored papers for any gift giving celebration. When you have the scraps out go ahead and cut strips for the yo yo or the bow and place them in a large ziplock bag labeled with what it is and you have a go to for what you need when you need it or for when you want to make these while in your easy chair. I love cutting different sizes for different size packages, rags, or gift bags.

The coordinating stamp sets that come with your Art Philosophy and Artiste Cricut Bundles makes gift embellishment a breeze!

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