Autobot Card – My First Silohouette Project

Today I took the time to set up my Silohouette which was not hard or time consuming at all, but I had to make a space for it and that took me a little while.

The excuse for purchasing this new tool was to make a birthday card for our grandson 4th birthday, which is Christmas Eve! It’s one expensive card, lol but there is a two page layout in the makes and a few more projects after that!

I searched bing for recuse bot JPEG and found a few that looked interesting. I play with the studio that came with my machine with the upgrade for free and after watch a few tutorials on you Tube and the disc that comes with it I was ready to cut my files.

Here is a quick picture of the card, which is 4.25X4.25 and very basic. If I can get my HP printer connected to my new Windows 8 laptop I will have the inside finished tomorrow some time and share it later this week!


I am amazed at how easy it is to convert these free files and then cut them for various projects! I waited much to long to get this!

Hope you all have a great Sunday and a very blessed Christmas and holidays!

Donna Lee


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