Masculine Winter Note Card – Silhouette Designer Studio

Hello Crafty Friends!

Today I have a 5X7 card to share using the Silhouette Designer Studio and an image I found using Google. I am in the learning phase of using this software and the Silhouette so its not as perfect as I’d like for it to be, but its usable so I opted to share it with you all today.

5X7 Deer Birch Card
I adore being able to use images that are on the internet to create items for my personal use.  Naturally in the conversion process of taking the jpeg file and tracing it and then adding a frame you lose some of the original image and I opted to remove some of the design on this cut.  I will add some back in for other cuts and projects in the future.

photo 3  My card base is cut from Kraft 80# card stock at 10X5.  The mat is cut 1/4 inch smaller from a blue 80# card stock.  I cut the image from 80# natural colored card stock. I used the recommended blade setting and speed that SD recommends for 80# textured card stock and it cut perfectly.  I love that it does this with the heavier card stock. AWESOME!!

photo 2

I used some Cocoa Chalk Ink and a red marker on my die cut image.  I inked and shaded the other side of this cut first, but did not like the way it turned out, so I flipped the image over and used the other side.

photo 4

Imagine some foil cardstock on this for next Christmas!  I am really enjoying the learning the process and the unlimited possibilities for making cards and scrapbook embellishments for my personal use, using some images that can easily be found online and the SDS and a Silhouette.  I can say that this little machine cuts wonderfully the majority of the time.

Here are a few videos I suggest you watch when trying to create an image or words within a frame using SDS.
Hoping you all are having a blessed week and getting some crafting done while this wet and cold weather is passing through.  You’ll see more of this image in a few other projects coming up.
Donna Lee

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