Bless The Lord O My Soul – Art Journal 1:4

Wow, what a week this has been! It began with praise and worship of our Savior, Jesus Christ and a full 6 days of intentional and intense bible study.


Naturally there was family and work in the midst of each day, and I am thankful for all of it! We celebrated our three sons birthdays with a family dinner on Wednesday night! That was busy but fun and so good to have all of them here. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me how important it is to worship and study with enthusiasm! I found myself having lunch in my car so I could do the referenced reading from my bible study scriptures. I read from the NKJ, AMP, and NASB Study Bibles and its amazing how many references there are to read and consider. Below (on the back of this weeks Art Journal entry are just a few thoughts, scriptures I jotted down in my study time.


Can you guess what song was on my lips this week? I was singing in the shower, the car, and humming it most days so it became my title and source of inspiration for this weeks Art Journal entry 1:4.

I adore the beauty of the peacock! I found this beauty at the Silhouette Online Store and picked it up for $0.50 this week. I cut it out and used it as a stencil and used some acrylic paints, gesso, H2O twinkling lights and a few other stencils/supplies I had in my studio.


God’s creation is full of beauty and enthusiasm. The peacock is a great example of both. With his impeccable colors and beauty everything about him praises and blesses the name of our Lord. He is up front, center stage, ready to shout unto God with his voice of triumph. If only we humans worshipped and praised with the same enthusiasm and beauty each day.  My prayer for all of us is that we will live, worship, and praise God more intentionally and with as much enthusiasm as we can muster deep within our souls.

I came across this web page that really blessed me this week in my study and worship time. I love the reference to the word blessed. Enjoy!

Let us bless The Lord O my soul; All that is within me bless His holy name!


Blessings and His Peace,

Donna Lee


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