Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit – Art Journal 1:5


Yesterday we were on our way to our sweet grand daughters 3rd birthday party and I noticed how clear (no haze) the sky was. As I looked to my left, I could see a perfect and beautiful view of the North Georgia Mountains. It was an absolute beautiful day, and the view of His creation and the amazing and very long awaited Spring blooms were spectacular!

My inspiration for this weeks Art Journal entry was totally inspired by the views we saw yesterday. The sky was my attempt of some beautiful sunsets we’ve had in the past two weeks. I did not do them justice, but it was good practice for me to blend a few colors of acrylic paints and try to get some of colors figured out.


My flowers were made using Technique Tuesday’s stamps (old set) and a few scraps of a 6X6 paper stack from Hobby Lobby earlier this year. The Decopage added a some texture, but I will use a gel medium next time as it made it difficult to journal.

Below are my notes from study of Matthew 5:3


As I was studying and looking at so many of the scriptures that use the word virtue or power (Greek dynamis) I began to ponder just how much our lives and world would change for the good if we all would submit to God and allow him to humble our minds. Study of The Word is great for revealing more of Gods character and how he wants us to become more like him. It’s a journey of transformation. Less of us and more of Him.

If we live life choosing to acknowledge how blessed (happy) we are the quality of our existence increases by leaps and bounds. Naturally there is a cost for such an existence. It means we have to lay down the ‘I wants and I need, or I am’ attitude first. The transformation of our mind and heart is a journey and a process of turning over our lives to Him. I pray you are on that journey and finding strength to allow Him to transform your life according to His plans for you.

Donna Lee


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